Popular Software Applications for Small Business Owners

As software applications are getting more effective and gaining currency, small business owners and entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on these technologies. There are a few favorable mobile and web applications that can make your business organized, connected and visible to your target customers. Some of them can go a long way to help your small businesses work more efficiently and effectively. Mentioned here are some software applications that can be installed at no cost.


Evernote is an easy-to-use application and is available at no cost. This software application is designed for the purpose of note making. It allows users to store, organize, and share text, voice notes and photos.

It can also capture information easily in any environment using any platform or device that is most convenient, and makes the information accessible, searchable anytime and anywhere.

It can also be used to create to do lists, to clip entire web pages, manage passwords and to record audio. Everything that is added to Evernote is synchronized across platforms and devices used.


This software application is easy-to-use, easy to access, powerful and customizable accounting software. This is an online software application and is designed to suit the needs of small businesses to help them perform accounting with ease. This application is powerful enough for experienced online accounting professionals. It is a web-based software, so you can access it from anywhere through the Internet.

Some of the easy-to-use software include budgeting, project costing and invoicing with customizable invoice template options. Quickbooks can create estimates and financial reports easily. Therefore, it is used by millions of people worldwide.

Open Office

Apache open office is both productive and an open source software. Since the 13th of October 2000, the software application has been in existence, and the 1.0 version was released on 30th April 2002. It comprises six personal productivity applications, namely word processor, presentation graphics, spreadsheet, drawing, equation editor and database. It is available on Windows, Solaris, Linux and on Mac operation system. This application is localized and supports over 110 languages worldwide.

Adobe Creative Suite

It presents graphic designs, video editing and web development applications that are made by adobe systems. The collection consists of adobe applications like Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, which are based on various technologies like PDF, Flash and Portscript. The latest version of this suit is Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Cute PDF

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a software application for secured and reliable distribution of document exchange in electronic form. It is written by the free version of commercial PDF creation software. It installs as a printer subsystem, and enables virtually any windows application to create professional quality PDF documents.

These software applications are likely to help small businesses enhance their productivity and profitability.

What Are Workflow Software Applications?

Operating a business in the information age is a lot more complex than that of the 20th Century. Emails, printing and website designing are only among a few functions that enterprises should use to thrive and survive in today’s economy. But these functions could be somewhat difficult and exhausting if done manually. As such, workflow software programs can help a business or organization operate faster and more efficiently. With a technological boom happening nowadays, the use of numerous workflow applications could help businesses and organizations of different kinds stay competitive and operational.

Workflow Programs Info 1: Workflow Software Applications in a Nutshell

Basically, a workflow software application can help a business manage its processes in a fast and cost effective manner. A lot of workflow applications emerge today, all varying in purpose and specialization. Some applications deal with the most complex functions while some could help a manager deal with the most simple, mundane tasks that can be a burden if done by human hands. In fact, tasks such as data entry and email filtering could be so simple, that it could be unproductive and costly to use human talent for such functions. By using workflow software programs, businesses can save time and concentrate instead on the most vital tasks in the business.

Workflow Programs Info 2: Some Programs can do Simple Tasks without Hassle

Through automating routines and subroutines, businesses can certainly save time. For instance, if you are operating a legal services business, it would be wise to use a workflow application. Instead of manually scanning the necessary documents, the workflow application and the specialized scanner can automatically scan documents and turn them into digital files. Then, printers could reproduce them quickly or attach such files through email. Some workflow applications even have the capacity to email the files to the corresponding email addresses of the clients, thereby making the process a lot easier.

Similarly, some workflow software applications could automatically convert files from one format to another. For instance, some software applications can convert word or power point files to PDF files. And such programs can do so automatically if programmed. And there are a lot more functions of such software applications.

Workflow Programs Info 3: They’re Apps that can help Online Businessmen

Operating an online business would be catastrophic if you do not use an automated system. To ensure quality service online, it is vital to use some workflow software applications. You should avail of software applications that would manage tasks such as order processing, email marketing, merchandise tracking, online payments and even refunds. With proper configuration and programming, your software program would be very accurate and reliable. And if your services become reliable, it would be likely that customers would buy again from you.

It would be beneficial for online printing services providers to use workflow applications. Through some workflow programs, they could make printing of materials such as brochures and booklets more efficient. Since they typically use machines and automatic printers, they could produce print materials with less costs and fewer errors at a faster turnaround period than materials printed with a lot of human intervention. So if you are in this line of business, you could benefit from such services. What it takes, however, is to invest in the software as well as the needed printing equipment.

Through technology, software innovations like workflow applications can enable business owners and employees to operate smoothly and efficiently. These applications can do both complex and simple tasks in the business, essential for the survival and growth of an enterprise.

Develop Your Custom Software Application Based on SDLC Model

The demand of customized web and software application development services are growing among the businesses. Today, most companies prefer to choose the custom software application, to perform numerous business tasks within a limited time frame. Such softwares support businesses in serving their specific needs. The requirement of web developers and programmers are increasing in order to provide best solutions to the clients. Great effort is indulged to provide development services to fulfill the specific business needs of business entrepreneurs.

Apart from having additional knowledge about programming languages, a web developer/programmer should have fundamental knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC. It constitutes of structure of diverse task used to develop the software application along with complete web application maintenance. A Large number of development companies develop software based on SDLC model, which enables in bug free and error free development of software for clients.

Lets discuss the diverse steps instigated in the software development life cycle, to stay ahead of other development partners, who are involved in customized web-based products.

  • Proper Planning– To accomplish any project, proper planning is must. A complete analysis and planning helps developers to fulfill the client’s requirement efficiently. Gathering complete information and sharing with the clients, helps to build transparent relations between the developers and clients.
  • Execution, Testing and Documentation of Plan– After planning comes the proper execution of the plan. Software programmers follow complete development procedure followed by software testing of applications. Documentation of internal designs supports developers in software application development effectively.
  • Deployment of Projects– Testing support developers in the approval of software products, before handing it to the clients to fulfill the specific purpose. This helps in fulfilling the client’s need, keeping the quality of applications in consideration.

In order to get quality software solutions as per the business requirements reaching the dedicated and experienced professionals is beneficial for the application development services. These Professionals possess in depth knowledge on SDLC. Opting for offshore application development services is another solution to meet the specific need of clients.

Offshore Software Application Development aims to develop and maintain software using latest technologies. The services offered by offshore professionals include product design and architecture, coding followed by testing. Taking the help of experienced professionals supports organizations in meeting the business challenges. There are several aspects used for application development, out of which strategic fit, appraisal, commercial aspects, affordability and achievements are five key aspects used for software application development services. So, getting in touch with the expert web developers supports to get the robust software solutions to fulfill the business needs.